Jul 8, 2015
Revenue vs GTR
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Andy Goldberg

Thanks for reading! I'm Andy Goldberg, the author of this site and the founder of Centerfield Nine, a consulting firm building innovative technology solutions. The company's roots are in the casino & hospitality industry, but its technical expertise applies to a wide variety of industries. I specialize in builiding database-driven APIs, automating data pipelines, external site retrieval, connecting data between systems, and generating analytic reports and dashboards.

For casinos, I'm dedicated to helping you become smarter, more efficient, and more profitable. Instead of selling massive enterprise solutions, the goal is to leverage your existing infrastructure, CMS, and data sources, to produce results that translate into real, measurable dollars to your bottom line. My goal is to work collaboratively with your executives and operators, empowering them to use data to make intelligent decisions.

For any small business seeking some programming expertise, I can integrate with your existing development team or lead new greenfield projects. Deployment is to bare metal servers or on various cloud platforms, using automated, continuous release pipelines. I have been a featured speaker at major, global programming conferences such as KotlinConf and PyCon. Please reach out and let's talk!

(800) CF9-9989
andy [at] cfnine.com
twitter: @cfnine
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